Louise De Buck

Artist Painter

I'm Louise De Buck, based in Brussels at the moment but who knows what the future will look like for me. Lover of images and musical journeys; this curiosity has always been in me. It has shaped me into who I am from childhood to now!
I continuously explore through textures in my paintings with acrylique and oils.
The story I am trying to tell through my paintings has many layers; old school movies, serie B movies and simple memories of happy or sad moments of my life.
I am passionate about expressing my feminism and vison of injustice for women in this world in my very own way.
What I enjoy the most is to paint a scene that puts women in all they’re naked glory and intriguing mysterious beauty.
I love expressing my power and feminism that way, knowing that its very unconventional.
The impact my friends and family have had in my life is the foundation of my inspiration and so vital to my well-being as an artist and human being. I also find my inspiration in post-apocalyptic films from the 80’s and 90’s and in horror and mysterious movie soundtracks.
As well as my traveling adventures that help me grow into who I know I’m supposed to be!
The female figures that I try to depict reflect my personality and my image, almost as if my paintings were all self-portraits and intimate moments that, piece by piece, reveal a part of myself!